Students need to keep class etiquette, even online

Online classes are not preferred by most students, but they also aren’t preferred by most professors either. Many realize that face-to-face learning is the most effective in encouraging engagement and learning from students. The closest way to mimic the traditional classroom was through the video streaming service, Zoom. Professors all throughout the University have been using Zoom as a way to recreate the traditional classroom in a safer way. The response to this idea has been increasingly negative as most professors are met with muted microphones and black, faceless screens.

Being polite to professors on Zoom not only improves their lessons, but it also improves student learning. Students engaging in classes, answering and asking questions, or providing their opinion make face-to-face classes as great as they are, and these can all be done through Zoom as well, improving the experience.

In addition, many of us know what it is like to say something to a group of people and not be acknowledged, and that is normally just in casual social settings. Imagine putting together a lesson and presenting it to a group of people, only to be met by silence and no engagement. Would that encourage you to put in effort throughout the year? No, and professors are facing lack of motivation due to little-to-no engagement every day.

Being a good student, even on Zoom, also ensures that students will get what they paid for. Tuning into a class just to mute it and disregard it, doesn’t help your learning. Thus, the class you’re muting is costing you money. Odds are, if attitudes toward Zoom calls don’t change, many will fail the final and have to retake the course. And what does that mean? More money out of your pocket.

Making sure that you get the college experience this year with most classes online is simple. When you have a scheduled Zoom meeting, be prepared to show your face and be prepared to ask or answer questions. Treat a Zoom call exactly like an in-person class, and you will get out what you put into it. Introduce yourself to your classmates, engage with your professor and react to what is being said. This shows respect for the professor, your class, your future career, and yourself.

Being a student online is difficult, and it can be overwhelming and hard to get a grasp on but Zoom has all the capabilities to give the same benefits face-to-face classes do. Take advantage of what Zoom can give you. And, don’t forget: professors are always here to help and want to ensure learning in their classes. Having to adjust to online learning isn’t going to change that.

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