COLUMN: Getting ready for fall even with the hot weather

Gracie Porter, Staff Writer 

Let me be as plain and direct as I can- IT IS TOO HOT. I have always been a perpetually sweaty girl growing up in the Dallas-Forth Worth area, trying to cope in high school by bringing extra deodorant in my backpack and asking my teachers to turn fans on me. Nothing, however, prepared me for the heat and humidity of Nacogdoches. Every time I step outside, I am greeted with a sweaty, gross mass of humidity wrapping me in its arms and carrying me to my class.

When September rolls around, I am typically met with at least a slight release from the swampy air.  Although, it is replaced with constant downpours and sometimes even flooding. Honestly, the latter is better than the former. With September approaching after a particularly hot summer, I was excited and expectant of a new release. The last day of August I bid the heat farewell, putting out some nice thick sweatpants and a light sweater to wrap myself in the next day. Going to bed, my head full of dreams of hot coffee and flannel, I expected to awake in a world with a temperature that was at the very least in the lower 90’s or the high 80’s.

THAT WAS NOT THE CASE. While many of my friends and I were expecting the ability to at least dawn light sweaters and to drink our Pumpkin Spice Lattes, hot, global warming had other plans. Instead of having a good start to fall, it only seems to be getting hotter. This means we are just further away from cuddling weather. Luckily, with this humidity and heat, the mere thought of hugging someone can make anyone start to sweat.

While walking to classes, when I normally see my peers in pants and light sweaters/cardigans, I am instead faced with sweaty students in shorts and t-shirts. I have even seen a student forego a shirt entirely. At first, I may have judged a little bit as we were indoors. But, as soon as I left the safety of air conditioning, I honestly wished I could join him. It is entirely rational that during this extreme heat all of us to desire to find solace in the great invention of air conditioning. I don’t think anyone can blame us. Even just walking to class seems to be a new harrowing task that, depending on the distance and the temperature, seems impossible.

So, we are a little too far away from the chilly September that us Texans have dubbed the start of fall. There must be a way to relieve this heat, correct? No, no there is not. We are all cursed to burn in this fiery pit we call Texas. I’m sure a nice dip in the pool or some iced tea may make the heat a little more bearable. However, I have decided to abandon those options. While others may try and deal with the heat their way, I am going to single handedly force fall to start.

‘How does one do that?’ you may be asking. Even if you aren’t asking, I am going to let you know. From here on out, it is sweater weather. From here on out, it is hot pumpkin spice latte and peppermint mocha weather. Starting now, I am cladding my sweaty legs in black leggings. I dare Mother Nature to stop me. Even if I am left to dry up in this terrible heat, I will do so on my terms. Wrapped up in flannel, leggings and with a sweater in my backpack for when I get chilly. If you see me passed out from heat stroke, do not be scared or get me some cold water to drink. Just pass me my hot Pumpkin Spice Latte as I will not lose this fight against the weather. Not just for myself, but for us ALL.

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