Politics deserve to have a place in sports

One day, I was scrolling through Instagram and checked the comments under a sports post. I saw a comment made by a profile called @6048sports. The profile claims to be a media and news company and an ESPN Alternative with its slogan as, “No politics; Just Sports, period.”

Their comment said, “If you are sick of politics in sports, we completely understand—and it’s why we created 6048. Sticking to the 60 minutes on the football field and the 48 minutes on the basketball court, we provide our viewers with non-political sports news, regardless of where they stand on politics. We are sorry about your previous experience with other sports news outlets, because we know that anyone including politics in sports content is just furthering division in the United States. We post daily updates in the world of sports and just stick to the game. Join the movement! Feel free to check out our profile if you have any questions. Thanks – The 6048 Sports Team.”

I understand that people watch sports because it is entertaining, but I don’t believe in sticking to just the things that happen on the court. There are so many important things that happen off the court that influence sports. And if a news outlet does not cover that, they are gatekeeping that information.

The SFA basketball team defeated No. 1- ranked Duke last year after senior forward Nathan Bain scored the winning layup. Bain had a GoFundMe for about a month before the game, which had only raised a portion of its initial goal. After the game, he had an interview where he mentioned his family being affected by the hurricane in the Bahamas. This interview was something that affected him and his team, but it was not relevant to things going on in the court. But, because of the win and the conversation that sparked, Bain’s GoFundMe was able to raise twice as much as the original goal.

There are other things that are extremely relevant to sports and politics, such as kneeling during the national anthem or the U.S. women’s national team standing up for equal pay. All of these things are being brought up for a reason with the platform that these athletes have. It is important for people to use their platform to speak out for what they believe in. If they aren’t or the media doesn’t cover it, then it is a waste of time to have that kind of platform.

Politics in sports is not a bad thing. This so-called media outlet is telling its supporters that people shouldn’t speak out on what they believe. Everyone has an opinion and has a right to give their opinion. No one should silence one another just because they don’t agree with them, especially not a media outlet.

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