EDITORIAL: DACA essential for those who want a better future in America

Underneath The Pine Log's video on Facebook covering the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) rally that took place recently, an SFA alumna commented, “Illegal aliens at SFA! I can’t believe it!” Following the comment, there are 21 replies against the racist remark, including one that reads, “There are many undocumented people in this country, not just SFA. They are here to create a better life and have a better opportunity...” If the original poster learned anything from attending SFA, it should have been that

Discriminating and being hateful toward another because of his or her background goes against The SFA Way.

DACA is a program that protects children who are brought to the United States and gives them an opportunity to get an education or to work under a contract. Given that the majority of U.S. citizens fight for their children to have a right to education, this should include those under DACA. They didn’t control how they came to the United States. Therefore, keeping them from getting the education they deserve and getting a job they will be successful in to help them later in life should not be an argument. Give everyone the right to an education or give it to no one at all.

Those who are against the push for DACA are missing core American values, like America being a melting pot. We can’t expect to expand or grow as a society if we allow only a certain group of people access just because of where they were born. Without letting others come up with new ideas to help and share those ideas with everyone, we’ll be stuck in this path of limited knowledge. We, as U.S. citizens, need to realize we all want a better future and want the best for this world. It doesn’t matter where people come from or how they got here. What matters the most is helping those who might not have the same opportunities as the rest, so that we all can be successful.


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I am class of 94 and appreciate how progressive SFA has become. Thank you for standing up for DACA and the people that benefit from it. Its a shame that this Administration is repealing and undermining every good thing Obama did.

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