Student lost in the currents of the ocean that podcasting has become

There is a big trend going on in the “mass communication sphere” with the big burst of podcasts. They can be informative and impressive with grand overarching stories that suck you in, like famous podcasts Limetown or Serial. It can also be something silly, like The Last Podcast on the Left, a show over alien abductions or other cryptids. Some keep the idea of following the same formula as a radio show, such as the infamous Welcome to Night Vale.  The thing is, I want a piece of that pie. And every creative person, who I love and respect deeply, took all the slices before I could even try to reach out and take that glorious sweet fulfilling food.

I want to at least try to be a big fish in the massive ocean that podcasting has become. So, why is that a problem if there are some people who are really good at what they do, beating me to the punch? And, believe me, they are. 

Thanks to the ability for pretty much any idea becoming a new thing on the internet almost instantly, I just can't seem to find a way for any single thing I think of becoming a thing because someone has already beaten me to it. And, they likely know me personally. It's a bit like having a really cool idea that you think will go really well, and then that idea just crash and burns coming out of the gate.

I'm not even saying the podcasts are bad because honestly it hurts quite a bit more since they are good. I laugh when they laugh. I'm interested in the murders they cover. I'm intently listening when they talk about movies that they absolutely should have already seen before. So, why am I stuck not being able to make something like them? Apart from laziness, I'm getting beaten to the punch on any and every idea I've had. I've even had ideas for niche subjects that I just can’t make now because everyone I know has beat me to the idea.

A thing I love about podcasts is how they go out of their way to interact with people in a way that is totally different from what you would expect from anyone else. It is something that is classy, but also still really cool. It lets people learn new things or hear new jokes while still doing whatever they were already doing.

 The downside to all of this, however, is that I want to make something that is funny or, at the very least, funny enough to get you to do that thing where you just exhale through your nose really quickly and move on. A podcast is what I can use to do something a bit less professional but still fun. I only wish that the people I know didn't do it before me.

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