EDITORIAL: Encouraging masks is a matter of safety not politics

With the executive order that masks cannot be required on college campuses, the University and many professors have opted to “encourage” masks in their classrooms and on the general campus. However, even with this wish for students to be safe in classes, professors' requests are commonly ignored.  

Many professors encourage mask-wearing in their classroom to ensure that the face-to-face class option can be maintained throughout the semester. However, considering a spike in COVID cases is inevitable without the appropriate use of masks and social distancing, the likelihood of professors feeling comfortable enough to continue face-to-face learning is low. In our editorial staff, there have already been two cases when face-to-face class has switched to Zoom because of the increase in COVID cases.  

However, putting the hopes for a regular college experience aside, respect is a large aspect of this situation that, unfortunately, many people are missing. When a professor asks their students to wear a mask due to personal or family health reasons, students should respect those reasons and their professor just as any decent human being would.  

We know that you don’t want to wear a mask. We know that no one can make anyone do anything, but why is respect thrown out of the window when masks are involved?  

It’s not a personal attack on you or what you believe in if someone asks that you wear a mask. Oftentimes, it’s a genuine request for safety. You don’t have to wear a mask, obviously. But if you notice that by not wearing one, your actions could be disrespectful to professors, students or staff members, reconsider your actions.  

The past year has made mask-wearing a political or belief-centered issue. In reality, it’s a safe and selfless act that we will need to deal with for a little while longer to ensure our college experience remains as typical as possible.  

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Donald Hassler

Also... it is against Texas state law for a professor to require the use of a mask. If they are so afraid of what amounts to a tame flu, then they should go hide in their basement like Biden. I refuse to be held at the gun point of the hysterical fear of weak people because politicians are trying to establish a baseline of control. It is like you are an ostrich with its head in the sand thinking it is hiding. News flash, the lions that want to eat you can still see you lol.

Donald Hassler

Anyone who knows anything about virology knows that these silly paper and cloth masks are about as effective against a virus as putting up a chain link fence to stop mosquitos. Have you ever smelled where someone passed gas in a room ten feet away from you through most likely two layers of cloth? Welcome to the world of a virus. Quit pushing your politically driven fear on everyone else.


Ya'll really deleted my comment over what?


The majority of professors and students have no worry or care about covid or mask. Also, I should wear a mask for respect? I respect other people beliefs but they should also respect my own. Respect aside, the science says if your young and full vaccinated then there is nothing to worry about. This narrative that covid is still a threat and everyone is terrified of it still is old news. Covid is here to stay for a long time and you can decide to live with it and accept that life always have dangers, or live in constant fear and telling everyone who does not wear a mask a heartless disrespectful being. The choice is up to you and you should not be enforcing your opinion that clearly majority of people here dont care about.


... Have you talked to any students or teachers? Most of them are encouraging students to wear masks. An email from the VP of student affairs was sent out encouraging people as well. The fact that the majority of people here don't wear masks is the reason why cases are rising so quickly. And in the middle of a pandemic, why would anyone listen to beliefs like yours? The science is there. People are encouraged to wear a mask because the virus can be carried to someone that is high risk or who can't get the vaccine and it will affect them greatly. Even with the vaccine, why would you want to get sick? With everyone wearing a mask, there is a much less chance of transmission. And every fully vaccinated person refusing to wear a mask is insanely irresponsible. How were you smart enough to get vaccinated and now you're choosing to ignore science? And yes, COVID has been here for a long time, and it will continue to be, thanks to people like here on campus who don't wear masks as well as SFA for not having any sort of COVID guidelines. "Life always has dangers" "living in constant fear", what a joke. You said it yourself, the choice is up to you for it to be like that, and you're going to be the reason why the school shuts down if it does. And again, no one is enforcing an opinion... they're just facts and suggestions so everyone can stay safe and healthy and so school can keep running normally. If someone had written an article with your beliefs, you wouldn't have had any problem with it. It seems like you just can't handle anyone going against yours.


speak for yourself, ugly

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