Homemade gifts hold the most sentimental value

Valentine’s Day is the day you show that special someone how much they mean to you. You might run to the store and buy them that brand new James Avery charm or Rolex and call yourself a romantic. However, if you are anything like me, you wouldn’t want anything expensive. Is the thought very much appreciated? Of course, but it does not show me how much you care for me. It shows me that you have money that you are willing to spend on me and, to be honest, makes me feel kind of bad. If someone gives me an expensive gift, I am going to feel as if I need to do the same in return. Last week, I only had $17 in my bank account. I didn’t have enough money to buy someone a gift if I wanted to. I wouldn’t be rude if someone bought me something expensive, but I would appreciate homemade gifts more.

Homemade gifts show me that you put time and effort into making the gift. It is something I can cherish and show my future grandchildren. I remember when I was just a little girl, my grandma would show me the handwritten letters and homemade gifts my grandpa would make her. It showed me what love means and what I should look for in a partner. Every year for Valentine’s Day or some other holiday, my grandpa would make sure my grandma would receive at least one homemade gift, and those were always her favorite.

Homemade gifts also show that special someone you put a lot of thought and consideration in what you made. You had to sit down and think about what your partner likes and how you can express that though crafts. You probably even downloaded Pinterest and made a whole board dedicated to them. You had to go through a planning process and take some extra time out of your day to gather the supplies. There might be extra steps compared to going to the store, but it will be worth it when your partner opens their gift.

Homemade gifts are something unique. No one else in the world is going to have that gift but that special someone. You will eventually run into someone with the same Michael Kors purse or Huckberry coat as you, but nothing says, “I love you” more than something that truly came from the heart.

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