Rising popularity of bands should be celebrated by fans, not feared

I would consider myself as someone who knows enough about music. I like to write album reviews, and I love to use my time searching for new artists. Sometimes that can just be me looking through Spotify’s playlists for different genres and seeing what’s new now; other times it’s because people I follow on social media will talk about the albums they’ve been listening to.

However, recently I’ve noticed that people are starting to get upset that their own favorite band has gained too much popularity. They also complain that the “locals” (people who tend to take bands at face value and only listen to their more popular, mainstream songs) are ruining the music and it’s made the genre worse. Both of these things make me confused, because no matter how you look at it, wouldn’t you want your favorite band to be successful?

To me, I’m glad that more people are listening to the artist I’m listening to, because now they can appreciate good songs, and I can have someone to talk to about the songs. For other people though, they act as if someone shows interest in the artist they’re listening to, it’s the end of the world.

On my timeline on Twitter, the people I follow got mad that a popular Twitter account was sharing that they were listening to a band and basically made the user delete their tweets that mentioned the band. It didn’t make sense because the same people are constantly talking about how good the band’s music is and how people are “sleeping” on this music.

Yet right when someone else shows interest in the same music, they automatically go into attack mode and get upset that now their “little secret” is known by everyone. It’s funny because how else do you expect people to listen to the artist? The reason I listen to most of the bands I listen to now is because my friends and people on social media talk about them so much that I decided to give them a try. If no one did that, then I would be stuck to either listening to the radio or their songs showing up on any music streaming site.

Another thing that I am still confused about, but I get the main idea behind, is when these same people complain that the “locals” have started listening to the same artist. According to the website Urban Dictionary, a local is a term used by people on Twitter to describe people who aren’t like them and are the most basic person with no unique personality or qualities.

I noticed the term being used more recently, and it makes me mad. Just like with the previous point, why are you getting mad that people are giving the artist a try? Yes, it’s great when the artist is just starting out and you get more of an interaction with them, but you can’t sit there and act like they are only making music for you and a handful of people.

Also, what’s so wrong about people who aren’t “like you” listening to the same music you do? Now you have more people to talk about the music with, or if they have only listened to a small amount of the songs you can be the person who opens their eyes to the rest of it.

Overall I think it’s petty to act this way with music. I am personally not going to sit there and tell people what they can and cannot listen to. Music is made to be enjoyed by everyone no matter how they listen to it.

Junior at SFASU Current Opinions Editor for the Pine Log

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