Insensitive tweet causes uproar

Being overly political is not something that The Pine Log editors like to do. However, it is true that if you cannot afford college you should not go to college. Honestly why would you even want to? Wanting to further your education and enact positive change in this world with a degree is so expensive.

Plus, wanting to provide a better future for yourself and your family requires you to draw out loans and request financial assistance. It’s almost like if you can’t afford to pay for housing, classes, supplies and other dues that arise in college that you just – shouldn’t even try.

College is hard enough as it is, having to deal with loan applications, scholarship applications and financial aid applications – on top of the already strenuous workload sounds like a lot of work. Maybe poor people should just stay home and be poor.

If you are one of the many SFA students who are currently working with financial aid, that type of comment probably infuriates you. After an unfortunate post, tweeted by an SFA student, circulated Twitter, many students were furious about the contents and implications that were drawn from the post.

The Tweet stated, “not 2 be political but if you can’t pay for college, don’t go... nobody wants to pay your tuition.”

The overlying message of the tweet being “poor people shouldn’t go to college” may be a bit of a stretch, but still brings up a debate that should be discussed. Many students at SFA cannot pay for their schooling themselves, and through scholarships, financial aid and loans, they have to pull themselves up to do the work that they desperately want to do.

Currently at SFA, there are a little over 9,000 students who are going to school with some sort of financial assistance. Looking at that number of students from the perspective of all the students at SFA, that means that around 70 percent of students have some sort of financial assistance.

Students who are lower to middle class go to college to advance their lives in a positive direction and to help their families.

Sure, paying off loans and working while in college is tough, but having a degree helps you get a better job and in turn helps you support your family, just like they supported you through college. Taking out loans should never be a shameful thing that students feel like they should hide. Loans have become a normal part of college life, and student debt is a hot topic with anyone who is soon to graduate or has graduated college.

The type of mentality from the tweet can only be described as one word: privileged. It isn’t a dirty word and it isn’t an attack; it is just the best way to describe what it is. Some students at SFA are privileged to not have to pull out loans to pay off their tuition, but that doesn’t make them better than those who do. If you are in this place of privilege, you have even more of a reason to support those who aren’t and are actively trying to break the systems of oppression that are brought on from institutions.

By trying to erase the hard work that many students put into getting to college in a financially stable place, discredits the hard work we as a generation are doing. Many first-generation students at SFA are on loans and scholarships just so that they can change their lives and do something greater than what they were previously. This is inspiring and amazing and deserves to be encouraged and not discouraged by discouraging the usage of loans.

How a student pays for his or education is no one’s business but the student’s. Someone’s ability to go to college benefits society as a whole, putting smarter and more competent people into the world we live in. How students get to college is not important. What is important is that they put in the work to further their career and their future as a positive member of society.

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