Skipping class causes pain to wallet, grades

I know some people are going to feel personally attacked by what I am about to say. Even I used to feel personally attacked when anyone brought up this topic: Don’t skip class. 

I know, I’ve heard it all before, “I pay for this class, so it’s my money and I can spend it how I want. The professor can’t tell me when to show up.” “We probably aren’t even going over anything important.” “I have to catch up on homework from another class, so I’ll just skip my other class today.” 

These are lies most of us buy into. Heck, I’ve bought into all of them. I used to be really bad about skipping class, especially my freshman year. I was often tired and took on too big of a workload and procrastinated far too much. I would skip my 9 a.m. class to finish my essay for my 10 a.m. class. I would not like the professor and skip because he made me irrationally angry every class. I would justify skipping as a way of “self-care,” but in the end, all I was doing was hurting my grades. 

Some of us are paying for college ourselves. Maybe a family member is paying for your schooling. Either way, this money is an investment in ourselves, and not going to class is wasting our investment. Sure, it is your money and you can spend it how you want. Not going to class is like buying a cheap toaster. Sure, it fixes the problem in the moment; you get your toast, but it quickly breaks, causing you to have to replace it. You will spend more money in the long run than if you bought the slightly better toaster to begin with. 

I truly think that failing classes has a lot to do with not showing up to them. I know there are some classes that are just hard and almost impossible to pass. But when you don’t show up and try, then you are setting yourself up for failure. 

Sometimes I wouldn’t go to my hard classes because I felt like I would never understand the material, so why waste my time even going? I could take a nap instead. I gave up on myself so easily, and it could have cost me a lot of money if I had to take those classes over again.

Up until last week, I had not skipped a single class this semester. My grades are amazing this semester. I truly believe it’s because I show up to class every day, take notes and pay attention. I have retained so much more information than in semesters past, simply by going to class every day. I’m better at tests and my assignments and I’m not as stressed out about school.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but go to class. Go to class every day. Yes, even on Friday. Yes, even on Monday when you’re hungover. Yes, even when you really would rather take a nap or do laundry or anything else besides class. Your education will pay off even more in the end. 

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