EDITORIAL: Students' laziness leaves lasting marks on SFA's beauty

One of the perks of attending SFA is being able to live in such a beautiful environment.  From the fairy tale-like park trails to the greenery on campus, SFA truly is a beautiful place to go to school.

That is unless you see the garbage people leave for other people to look at and deal with. It may be glitter, confetti or just plain old garbage that gets left behind for someone else to throw away. Regardless of what it is, the debris is harmful to the environment and the people who live on the campus.

At some point a student has left behind garbage to be picked up by the custodial staff. The dismissal of it “being their job” is ridiculous and immature as it is also the students’ job to be a decent human. It takes two seconds to throw away trash that you created.

When people throw garbage and trash on the ground near the Ag Pond, it can eventually wash into the water. It’s an eyesore and affects many different lives, including the critters who call SFA home. The Ag pond is home to ducks and fish – the unspoken-for victims of day-to-day laziness. Walking by the pond outside during football season, it isn’t uncommon to see at least one plastic bag or beer can floating in the water.

It is also not uncommon to see plastic litter laying through all the park trails around the campus and garbage scattered around campus. Typically, these remains are left from students who just don’t feel like it is their job to keep the campus clean and safe for everyone who lives on it. This total rejection of basic human decency is a problem for many reasons, but the main reason is the effect that it has on the school and the staff.

This also can cause the squirrels, ducks and birds to pick up and either attempt to eat or use garbage as nesting material.

By drilling holes in trees for hammocks, there is a possibility of damage to the trees that cannot be undone by our diligent keepers.

Even something that seems innocent can be harmful, as the glitter and confetti thrown for photos or fanfare can have a negative effect on the environment. The confetti can stain the ground gross, muted shades of the color, and the glitter lingers longer than it ever should. They also have a possibility of making their way into our beloved Surfin’ Steve fountain and clogging his pipes, making the fountain a lot less pleasant to look at.

Expecting that these problems can be dealt with by the groundskeepers and the custodial staff alone is rude and disrespectful to the great people who work on our campus. SFA is not a tiny campus, and anyone who comes and helps it be as beautiful as it can be should be recognized and thanked, not forced to clean up your trash that you could have easily tossed in the bin.

We owe it to ourselves and to our school to keep the campus clean, and we owe it to hardworking staff who keep the grounds as nice as they are.

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