Less popular Netflix show needs more promos

Netflix takes pride in its original content. They promote their movies and TV shows practically everywhere, especially if the show or movie is a top tier movie.

Top tier movies are ones that most likely star Noah Centineo or their teen rom coms, such as “Sierra Burgess is a Loser” and “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.” In the TV show category, their top tier is a bit broader. This might consist of “Black Mirror,” “Stranger Things” and “The Haunting of Hill House.” Those are just a few of my favorite shows in Netflix’s top tier.

Shows in Netflix’s lower tier like “Santa Clarita Diet,” “Umbrella Academy” and “Anne with an E” don’t get nearly as much marketing and promotion as a top tier show, regardless if many people are talking about them. It’s like they predict what shows will fail and then try to make up an excuse for why they had to cancel the show. For instance, a big reason why many shows get canceled is because of low ratings.

A show I almost didn’t watch was “Anne with an E.” The show is a retelling of the original classic “Anne of Green Gables.” It has a much darker twist and explores the darker side of the Edwardian era. The show also has modern constructs similar to society today. For me, I was content with my 80s movie box sets and my “Anne of Green Gables” audio book collection. I was a huge fan of the brand, and I didn’t want to like “Anne with an E” because it was new. I didn’t want Netflix to potentially mess it up. But one day, out of pure curiosity, I finally caved in, and soon was hooked.

“Anne with an E” is such a good show that really isn’t afraid to take risks and show very graphic and mentally disturbing themes. That is probably the biggest twist from the original content and reading material that came out prior.

Another thing this show does is that it completely strays away from the source material. It is kind of frustrating at first. Sometimes, especially for me, I feel like the characters will do things that are out of character. It is also hard for me to order what will happen, since the 80s movie series follows the book mostly.

Of course, they need to glamorize some aspects of the book. In order to do that, they did change some of the plot points. “Anne with an E,” despite it being very different, is actually refreshing. It is nice not to know exactly what will happen next.

Although the show does seem to have a decent sized audience and was ranked by Netflix as one of their top 10 best shows, the show still doesn’t get enough marketing and publicity by Netflix. Most of the hype around “Anne with an E” is by word of mouth. Because of this, the show is at risk from being pulled from the streaming service.

A recent source has even claimed that after this season, Netflix will no longer have the rights to the show.

“Anne with an E” is torn between two broadcast companies, Netflix and CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company). When and if that rumor comes true, it will be difficult to view the show and give it the proper attention in America that it deserves. Unless people in the United States have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) account and know how to view shows in Canada, “Anne with an E” is pretty much getting ready to sink.

Of course, the fans aren’t happy. The characters haven’t resolved. There are many important plot points from the book and 80s movies that have yet to be seen. Unless there was a petition or something along those lines to show Netflix that those who watch the show are numerous and wide, I really don’t see “Anne with an E” lasting on air for much longer.

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