A change of pace helps find happiness

As college students, our lives can become routine, and our classes can become the main focus of our everyday life. I personally experienced this on a new level with the time that I spent by working as a Community Assistant for the University.

While it was time that I don’t regret spending, it took up a large portion of my college life. I never really had the chance to go out and do the fun, sort of adventurous, things that we all try to do in college with my friends and I going out of our way to fully enjoy everything that our time here has to offer.

With me leaving Residence Life, I finally had the chance to really enjoy some time to do what I wanted. It has been a great change of pace for me so far and has caused its own fun, new adventure for me.

I can say with some pretty great confidence that doing something even somewhat adventurous can be extremely beneficial. I’m not advocating for going on some sort of grand adventure, like a tour around the world, regardless of whether that would have an amazing effect on you as a person. By simply getting outside you are able to better enjoy the world around you.

Ihavespentayearina position where I felt that I was not able to go and do anything outside of the box that my life had fallen into, and it was slowly eating away at my happiness. Now I try to use this new sense of freedom to its fullest. Even when faced with a risk involving the task at hand, I have found that it only makes it more rewarding in the end.

You can go your entire life simply going through every little motion that comes your way, or you can try your best to make your life something that you can find memorable. Whether it be going into a polar vortex to see a new band that you love or something like going with your friends to a new part of Nacogdoches. As long as you step away from your adventure with a positive outlook then there is no shortage to the amount of happiness you can feel.

No person is simply defined by his or her thoughts alone. Sometimes the actions that we take and the risks that we attempt can help to develop us as people, and hopefully give us a life that we are able to proudly enjoy.

In conclusion, if I may be honest in this sort of self-help writing piece, I want to simply say that fear has its place, and there is never anything wrong with feeling fear.

When we let it hold us back from what we want to do with our lives, then we are never really going to be living life and instead just simply being alive.

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