Hey ESPN, it’s Stephen F. Austin not SF Austin

Stephen Fuller Austin. That is the full name of our University’s namesake. It’s more commonly known as Stephen F. Austin or even SFA and even further, SFASU. However, some television networks obviously don’t know how we do it here in Nacogdoches. And by “some television networks,” I specifically mean ESPN.

If you were to watch ESPN during one of their many broadcasts of the SFA basketball games, you’d notice something a little off. Over in the corner of the screen you would see a glaring, atrocious mistake: SF Austin. Really? SF Austin?

At this point, I believe the misnomer is made out of spite by whoever operates the graphics for the network I will now only refer to as ES Programming Network. I believe they may or may not be a Sam Houston State University alumnus, but that is totally up for speculation.

In the beginning, it could have been an honest mistake. A weird one, but still honest, nonetheless. However, as soon as people became aware, the SFA Twitter community blew up, heated as to why in the world ES Programming Network would call us SF Austin.

Juliet might have said, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” in reference to how Romeo’s family name truly meant nothing to her and wouldn’t interfere with their star-crossed love, but this isn’t that kind of situation.

And I know what you might be thinking, “Well, Meaghan, Stephen F. Austin is a pretty long name to fit on that small graphic.” Give me a break. Just condense it down to our three-letter acronym: SFA. They do it for West Virginia University (WVU); and if they can fit names like Florida and Tennessee in there, I promise you they can fit the letters S-F-A in there.

We are Southland Conference Champions, in conference we have a record of 17-1, and we beat Duke in one of the biggest college basketball upsets this season. I think we deserve to be called by our true name.

So, here’s your chance ES Programming Network. Do right by us, and I promise you won’t have your Twitter notifications flooded with angry fans telling you to fix our name.

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This is the most ridiculous article I have ever read. Myself and ESPN have better things to do with our time. Sorry if SF Austin offends you, but no one really cares

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