Staying green while staying in

In the past, Earth Day has been known for a day to focus on protecting the planet and doing our part to save it. This meant people coming together and doing things like planting trees, picking up trash around populated areas and recycling items. However, we’re in different living situations presently and gathering in groups or even being outside can’t happen. That doesn’t mean helping the Earth can’t happen. 

For 2020, the official earth day organization is hosting “Earth Day Goes Digital”, an event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Earth Day movement. All-day, people can sign up to help spread the message of saving the earth and people digitally. The organization also has a list of things people can do from home to help and has a map of events that people can participate in. Visit for more information about "Earth Day Goes Digital” and other inquiries about Earth Day.  

Another way to participate for Earth Day is to recycle.

Keep a list of things that can be recycled and have a separate bin where recyclables can go instead of being put together with trash. Call or check online if the local recycling center is allowing people to come in, or if they are designating certain times for people to drop off their collected recycled items. Some items can also be used in DIY projects, such as using paper to add onto a drawing or using paper egg cartons to plant seeds. 

Stop using plastic bottles that are thrown away after the water is gone. This doesn’t mean drink from the tap as in some areas the water is not safe. Instead, use a filtered pitcher (like a Brita filter) or a filter that can be placed on the faucet. Also use a refillable bottle, which can be found in stores and online. They come in all designs and shapes, so they can be as customizable as needed.  Other things that can be done at home are unplugging electronics that are not being used (unplug the phone or laptop charger when not in use), hang-dry clothes instead of putting them through the dryer, change the lightbulbs to ones that are energy conserving and many more. 

Even though it’s only one day, fighting for and doing things to help the planet should be actions done every day. Since people are having to stay home, it’s given an opportunity for the planet to clean up. For example, in Venice, Italy the canals are cleared up as a result of boats not going through them. Things might not be the same once quarantine is lifted, but that doesn’t mean people should rush to destroy the Earth just for their convenience. 

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