This article is dedicated to those who don’t tip, who walk out on their checks and who hold up a timer to their waitress when the kitchen is backed up.

I have only been a server for around five weeks, so my experience is going to be different from other servers in the Nacogdoches area. However, I have already experienced a few different ways that people have made my job a living and breathing nightmare. There are a few things you can do to make your servers life easier; and in turn, make your dining experience better.

For instance, walking out on your check isn’t just a fun little dare. The server that has been taking care of your table may have to pay for your tab. So, your fun little dine-and-dash may actually be setting back your server half or more of their night’s earnings.

I’ve also had people just ignore basic human decency, talking about me mockingly to their friends in front of me and blaming me (the server) for how quickly the kitchen is getting out food. Even while I have no ability to influence how fast or slow the kitchen is going to be.

Then, there are those who choose to not tip. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, servers in Texas make a minimum of $2.17 and hour, and this is because in a month they will make over $30 in tips. That may not make much sense, but it basically means – tip your servers. We eat and pay our bills using the tips. For many of us, tips aren’t just used for petty cash. Tips are what we get paid with, meaning if we have a bad night, we have to deal with it. Your tip can change how our night goes.

Basically, next time you go out to eat just remember this. You’re being served and taken care of by real people. People who are working to get by, and people who aren’t planning on being servers the rest of their lives. Just show basic human decency to your servers; we’re people too.

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