COLUMN: Down with the group projects

Before I get too into this topic, let me say that I understand the point of group projects. I understand I’m supposed to be able to work with people and collaborate on projects because that’s what a majority of careers require. However, I don’t understand why half of my grades in classes are dependent on group projects. Group projects should be cut out of courses, especially for final projects. 

I am in a great theater class right now that I enjoy most of the time. Currently, we only have three grades posted; our final is a group project where we are required to meet once a week and submit a report over the meeting that we have. have a history class where work with a partner to express my opinion on the historical accuracy of a movie. I work very hard for my grades, and having part of my grade rely on someone else’s work is terrifying. 

I already have a bad history with group projects. Earlier this year, my group partner left me, and I had to present our presentation alone with only a 20-minute notice. I received an 88 on the project, which isn’t too bad, but I could have done better if I had been prepared to cover the slides he was in charge of. In high school, I always ended up doing all of the work myself.  

The projects are not terrible but a group project for a final grade in a class where there are barely any grades? I can’t stand it. What if my professor decides to give us a bad grade because someone did not pull their weight?  

Finals should be based on an individual’s works, and that’s it. Group projects bring grades down because they will never be perfect. There will always be someone who ruins it. My grade should reflect my own work and not the work of others. So, I say down with the group projects. Nobody likes them anyway.  

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