I understand that school shootings may not be the main topic in political news right now, but it has the most effect toward the majority of our society: college students. We face a great deal with financial issues, and to worry about something that is not too hard to fix should be the least of our worries. This affects college students by giving them another thing to worry about.

According to a professor at SFA, by doing some further research he has discovered that this county has passed a law that those who choose to carry a weapon on school grounds such as campuses, must be concealed, ready to display to officers if there were a problem as well as have a permit. According to armedcampus.org “Governor Perry signed into law SB 1907, which states that an institution of higher education or private or independent institution of higher education may not adopt or enforce any rule, regulation, or other provision or take any other action, including posting notice under Section 30.06, Penal Code, prohibiting or placing restrictions on the storage or transportation of a firearm or ammunition in a locked, privately owned or leased motor vehicle by a person, including a student enrolled at that institution, who holds a license to carry a concealed handgun and lawfully possesses the firearm or ammunition.”

Some people state that it will be the best choice while others say that this will cause more of a problem inside and out of the classroom. Articles from Education Week, The New York Times and Debate.org explain the debate on if we should allow our teachers to be armed with guns or not and the concerns and consequences we might face. There are many problems teachers protest about, such as getting paid more, but why does this topic catch more people’s attention? This issue attracts more parents than anyone else, and people believe that this is one of the best ways to stop school shootings.

Everyone wants kids and teachers to be safe.

As a teacher, all you want to do is to make sure your kids are safe, and they want the school to be a safe environment. Should teachers in every school district be armed with guns to protect their students?

I strongly believe that there are other ways we can ensure that our schools are safe; we don't need more weapons and issues to occur around little kids. There are many complications with this issue, and it is really important to remember that carrying a gun comes with many responsibilities. Those who carry a gun needs to know what they are when it comes to the safety of our kids.

Evans is a sophomore early childhood education major from Spring.

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