Somehow we have it in our heads that once a person turns 21, they automatically have to start drinking and engaging in party culture. But do they? I never had a good relationship with drinking culture. Every situation I was in where drinking was involved never ended in a good light. My family would always ask me if I wanted anything even before I was of legal age to drink. And when I turned 21, they only focused on the fact that I could drink now.  

That being said, I’m not one to tell people not to drink because if you want to, you can. However, seeing things from both inside and outside the mindset, it starts to make me question why people rely so heavily on that culture. When people talk about how hungover they are the next day, we have to act as if it’s some sort of badge of honor and we’re supposed to celebrate that for some reason. It always seems that people talk about the bad outcomes when drinking, such as getting into fights that you normally wouldn’t have or accidentally doing something you wouldn’t do sober. It’s to the point I have to wonder is it even worth it to get drunk? 

I think there is a moment in our lives where we can go have fun and party all night every night, and that’s not when we turn 21. We’re still getting used to being adults and graduating college, along with trying to find jobs and support ourselves, so why add on the consequences of adding too much alcohol into our systems? And why automatically push everyone who turns 21 to start drinking? What’s interesting to me is that for a society that loves the party scene, they also wonder why death rates are so high as a result of drunken driving or just drunkenness in general. It’s also funny how as we’re growing up they always tell us that peer pressure is wrong and to not give in. But do they know that peer pressure goes past school and well into adulthood?  

This is my message to everyone who is soon turning 21 or who has already turned 21, no rule says you absolutely have to start drinking. No one can force you to drink when you are not ready. Even though I’m 22, I still don’t think I will be ready to try all of these alcoholic drinks. You aren’t disappointing anyone by not drinking anytime soon. Because when it comes down to it, it’s all up to you and how you feel.  

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If you're in a Frat you can start drinking when you're 18 because greek life is basically a legal gang/brothel/speakeasy system

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