On March 23, a new bus route was enacted that keeps many students from being able to use the Jack Track. Despite keeping the evening shuttle and the Friday Walmart pick up spot the same, students who use the bus during the day are facing a problem. 

To solve this problem, students must speak out to the higher entities on campus and those entities must have a better connection with its students on what they want and need. 

Originally, the bus stopped in six different locations around campus, spanning from the commuter lot next to Hall 20, all the way to the main entrance on the other side of campus. However, now the bus only has three stops at the Commuter Lot, the library and the STEM Building. 

Not only does the new route not use two of the most used spots, the Baker Pattillo Student Center and Kerr Hall, but the new bus stops are inconvenient to a wide variety of students. Because the new track cuts off the Student Center and surrounding buildings, students who play heavy instruments and freshmen who live in Steen are without help. People with injuries are also inconvenienced by the lack of bus stops as they now may have to leave their dorms earlier or make their way long distances with ailments. 

The new route was enacted after the Student Government Association sent outan email with a link to a survey asking students their opinion on the previous route. 

However, only 1,051 people responded. At a university with more than 12,000 students occupying its campus on a day-to-day basis, accepting the 1,051 responses as fact is a major oversight. 

The survey results are not concise enough to reap a real benefit from them. Around half, 46.53 percent, of the participants polled said that they would prefer to not have the BPSC as a stop, as it caused a “slowdown when turning on to North Street,” according to a survey question. This is an issue that needs to be looked at in another way. Completely shutting off one of the more popular bus stops is going to make it harder for students to use the Jack Track. 

One way to help solve this is to have two running routes on campus, one that continues to follow the route that was set before, with six stops, and one that goes back and forth from the commuter lot next to Hall 20 to the centermost part of campus or the BPSC. 

Again, if a change is wanted, students must speak up and also be aware of the emails they are receiving in their university inbox. 

If SGA and others are not receiving the feedback they need, they need to try other methods of communicating with students. 


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