Student grateful for work experience on publication

It’s ironic how one semester can change your entire perspective on journalism. As I stare at my computer screen, thinking of words for my “farewell column,” only one word comes to mind: passion. This semester as I embarked on a new journey working with The Pine Log, I was blessed to be surrounded by like-minded people who also have a passion for journalism.

Accepting the position as social media editor, I figured this was a simple job, just post on social media. To my surprise, I was completely wrong. The position swiftly humbled me. From scheduling posts, arranging a photo of the week and finding story ideas, always thinking digital-first was the concept.

As I analyze my collegiate career over the past few years here at SFA, I feel a sense of gratitude. When arriving at SFA back in 2015, I’d heard of The Pine Log publication but didn’t necessarily feel that it was for me. I was hesitant and doubted my capabilities. This past summer, I made a promise to myself to meet all my goals being that this was my last collegiate semester. Being a part of The Pine Log was one of many. I was originally hired on as a contributor. The editor- in-chief saw something in me and promoted me to an editor. My point is to never doubt your capabilities.

If you want something, go after it. The worst outcome is “no.” Never doubt yourself.

While I don’t have many regrets in college, I must say one of the very few would be joining The Pine Log my last semester. It’s your own little family. I’ve gained so much professional experience in such little time with my involvement in The Pine Log. My advice to anyone who is in the mass communication department would be to join. If you want to receive real-life experiences, this is the route to go.

As my editor-in-chief would say, “What you put into The Pine Log is what you get out.” This is definitely accurate as social media editor. Posting articles on social media outlets and interacting with students online, I’ve gained a connection. Especially since I had the opportunity to be the first to see my colleagues’ comments on issues. Some, I must say were very comical. Many enthusiastic and infuriated viewers raged, having an abundance of diverse emotions.

Many people have a negative connotation of what a journalist is, such as “they’re just nosey people.” But, our collegiate writers stand on morals and values delivering ethical news each week. The Pine Log publication staff is persistent, from our advisers to our editors to anyone who is simply contributing. Each individual has a passion for media in some aspect. As a result, it is reflected in the publication.

While I was only a social media editor and my duties were a little different, I saw the dedication of each production night week after week. Thank you to The Pine Log for inspiration, commitment and dedication.

As I embark on the next chapter of life, I will always be grateful for my time, friendships and legacy I hope to have left here at SFA. It has been a privilege to serve as an editor on such an outstanding publication.

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