Music preference does not make someone a bad person

I’m the kind of person who is pretty much always listening to music because any sort of quiet feels awkward to me. You could chalk that up to always having music in the house since my parents both play instruments, or just because my brain works that way, but it’s always left me with a love for music.

Weirdly enough, everyone in my family seems to like a few different genres of music, so I’ve kind of been around pretty much everything that you could imagine. Dad would play Prince, Mom would play old school country, my younger brother would play stuff like MF Doom and Chance the Rapper, and I would lead everything off with some Heavy Metal through GWAR and Pantera.

This isn’t about my music taste or even my family’s music taste, but it’s about yours and how it’s wrong. I know it may already seem like an attack, and the photo of me next to this article probably doesn’t help to establish me as a friendly person, but yes, you and your music taste are wrong.

Most people don’t like hearing this since music makes up a large part of our lives. It’s a way for us to get rid of that silence and instead enjoy something called art. Every single day would lead to music in some way, the little tone in the elevator, the birds outside, your roommate playing their pop music so loud that you can swear their ears are bleeding on the other side of the wall, but it’s all there and all of it is around us every day.

We have movies where the sole purpose of them is the music in it. Just look at films like Baby Driver, or musicals like The Greatest Showman. All of this is a part of our life and that’s why it can honestly feel terrible when a friend says your music taste is garbage because we are all seen as critics of what we see and hear.

I would like to think that there isn’t so much bad music as much as stuff that I just don’t enjoy. I know this feeling way too well since I am more in the Metal scene than other areas, so many of my friends don’t like all the same stuff as me, which can be a little isolating. If music is a means for all of us to be able to communicate with each other, it would make sense that it is a very personal thing that each and every one of us has.

In some ways, this can go so far as to be a part of what you as an individual believe on a personal level. It becomes a part of you, whichisinawayan audio representation of your own beliefs. Even I have to remind myself of this because of the fact because of how we as people handle others’ ideas. So yes, someone may like Nickelback for example, a bit of low hanging fruit, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still have a decent share of respect for those who listen to them because it’s what they like and not everyone likes what I like.

If music is just one of the many ways in which we as people are able to communicate, then I think it’s in our best interest if we take a minute to stop and try to understand why certain music appeals to a certain person.

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