Character is what you do when people aren’t looking

I don’t remember what grade I was in, but I do remember seeing a poster pasted to the beige wall of a school room. On the poster was a United States Marine, but that wasn’t really what caught my eye. It was the word “character” that pulled me in. The poster read: “Character, it’s what you do when people aren’t looking.” At first, I was a little confused because I was still young enough to think, character? Like a video game character? Well, no.

Since then, that phrase has stuck with me, “It’s what you do when people aren’t looking.” Have you ever done something you thought you could get away with just because nobody was there to see you? How did it make you feel? Guilty? Did you fight with your internal self?

Recently, unidentified individuals or groups on campus have not been practicing decency and good representation of character. According to a press release sent out by SFA’s Student Government Association, during the recent SGA elections, several fake accounts were made in an attempt to harrass or even potentially track students down who were running for SGA office. Soon after, running mates dropped out of the race due to the online attacks toward their opponents.

Whoever these individuals or groups are, they are hiding behind anonymity which just shows their true character and how despicable the actions of some people can be.

What have these people been doing while no one is watching? Harassing and making people feel uncomfortable for no other reason than what I would believe to be malicious intent. 

Being sneaky isn’t how you win. Lying isn’t a way to keep peace within your own heart. Doing any of these things behind fake profiles just shows how scared and insecure this individual or group truly is. There’s no reason for such abhorrent actions that can also potentially turn into a legality issue.

Remember, character is important. There’s a reason we awe over videos of people helping others who need it when they don’t think anybody is watching. A good character is the equivalent to having love and humanity in your heart, and there is no reason to waste that energy on creating more hatred and anger in the world.

Do good things when people are not looking, and don’t expect a reward from them. Because remember, character is what you do when people are not looking.

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