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Student news publications are very important and deserve attention. Not only do they provide a lot of information to the students about what upcoming weeks, but it also helps those on staff to get experience working on a paper every week. Of course, there is social media to help find stories fast, but there is depth in each news story that is written to be printed every week.

Seeing people with a copy of the paper makes working each week worth it. Knowing that people out there read what we as the staff worked hard on, making sure the information is right and cohesive, makes the work pay off. It’s not an easy job, as there are people who will claim not everything is covered in the publication. But, take into consideration the people behind those articles. Each one is a student who is dealing with schoolwork while trying to track down the people needed to complete the stories. There will be times where some events slip our fingers, but we promise that we are doing our very best to make sure everything and everyone has their turn on the front page. According to our mission statement for SFA Student Publications, we are “committed to producing for the university community professional quality print publications-a weekly newspaper and a yearbook-as well as timely and engaging digital content, which meet the campus’ needs for information and provide a forum for discussion of relevant issues. By maintaining an entirely student staff, the department strives to provide transformative educational experiencesconsistent with the mission of the university.” We will never deliberately and keep any news out of the spotlight.

Campus news is important now more than ever, with ongoing construction, meetings dealing with changes for the students and social events to help benefit the many organizations the campus hosts. We don’t mean to be whiny when it comes to asking more students to read our publication or to give us a chance to do our best. We just hope that more students put faith in their fellow peers and support not only us but others who do their best to provide to the campus. News is everywhere, so why limit to just what shows up on an app? The Pine Log is right here!

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