One of the things SFA is most known for is the vast quantity of pine trees across campus. The beautiful scenery here, including these tall trees, are a big reason why many of us decided to join the campus here. However, there has been a decently sized lot of pine trees cleared by the Griffith Fine Arts Building. While many of us are excited to see our campus growing, we are still sad to see them go.

The pines are something everyone can enjoy -- from taking a leisurely stroll under the refuge of their shade to admiring their pine cones put out every season. A new building can only be enjoyed by so many. However, with the trees, even those who drive by can enjoy what these great trees have to offer. So while we understand the reason behind removing them, it still seems like we’re removing part of our University’s identity.

At the end of the day, we’re excited to see new innovations in the University’s theatre department and to see the new growth. However, we will miss what was once there: the trees that gave SFA it’s something special and gave us a little piece of home.

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