All the way back in 2013, college football fans everywhere heard the most devastating news: because of the ongoing disputes regarding player likeness and licensing, EA Sports pulled the plug on their beloved “NCAA Football” video game series that began in 1993 with the release of “Bill Walsh’s College Football.”  

From that initial release, the series developed into what we all knew to love as “EA Sports NCAA Football.” Featuring legendary college football athletes on the game covers like Reggie Bush, Charles Woodson and Tim Tebow among others, college football fans rejoiced that there was finally a video game where you could play as your favorite school. Whether your team was a college football blueblood like Alabama, Michigan or Texas, or even a smaller school like Boise State or the service academies, players had the opportunity to coach their teams to glory in Dynasty Mode, online or offline. Likewise, they could do the same in “Road to Glory” mode and carry their teams to the national championship as an individual position athlete.  

As they say, all good things eventually come to an end. Or so we thought. At the beginning of the month, exciting news broke for fans of the old NCAA Football series. ESPN reported that coming in 2022, the beloved game series will make its long awaited return to next-generation consoles and revitalized as “EA Sports College Football.” 

And with the likelihood that SFA’s new athletic conference, the Western Athletic Conference, joins the ranks of the FBS in the near future, we could possibly see and play as our beloved Lumberjacks in these futures editions of the newly revived series.  

I wouldn’t necessarily classify myself as someone that’s played every version of the game, but this is the only video game series I’ve truly engaged with. In fact, I prefer the NCAA Football series over Madden by a long shot. I’ve only played ‘12, ‘13 and ‘14 while also partaking in the 2007 and 2008 versions with some friends.  

Being an avid college football fan, when the news broke that the game was coming back, I jumped around in excitement that I will finally be able to play it once again and that it will feature so many more modifications and add-ons like updated conferences and rosters, new teams, updated uniforms, and of course the chance to play as my favorite team once again.

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