Research before posting on social media

You are taking a leisurely stroll through Facebook or whatever social media you use, and you happen to come across a post that you are not entirely sure is accurate. So, you do what should come naturally to anyone who has ever gone to some form of schooling. You decide that you want to check the facts and see if they’re right. Lo and behold, they are not right at all. Now, you, being the Good Samaritan you are, decide that you would like to help them get their facts correct. Yet, the person you are trying to help out decided that they don’t want to listen to facts. They instead would like to believe the misinformation or “fake news” that they have posted.

This is a common thing that has happened within the last couple of years. Even worse than this, people will openly reject facts if they don’t concur with their beliefs. This is the problem that many face with the rise of news sharing on social media. It’s a chain reaction, like dominos falling over. One person shares an obviously incorrect news source, but it fits with what they want to promote, then another and another. Eventually we get to a point where we as a society cannot determine what is real and what is “fake news.”

We, the students receiving higher education, must take action to trudge through the mud of misinformation to be able to produce actual facts and reliable news sources. Students of SFA, I implore you to never stop sharing the figurative light of reliable and factual news sources. Because if we as a society let people willingly share their misinformation, then we fail as intellectuals.

As John F. Kennedy said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” While “fake news” may not be the biggest evil out in the world, misinformation must be fought by those who deem it necessary for the facts and truths to, once again, become what we as a society decide to live by.

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