Senior grateful for editor position on The Pine Log

I’ve been dreading this column all Thanksgiving break. I knew I had to write this at the right moment. With all the heaviness in my heart, I can’t believe I’m getting near the end of my college experience.

I joined The Pine Log during the fall of 2018 and was hired as a staff videographer. I didn’t know what to expect from this job. All I knew was that I had a lot of creative juices to spread and that I aspired to be in the “Mexican Opera,” one day.

I must be honest by saying my time as a staff videographer was a blur; then I became video editor. Becoming video editor came with a lot of blessings. I was super stoked to bring a lot of changes to this position and to my team. Things haven’t been easy during this ride. But, I must say, I enjoyed every single bit of it.

The Pine Log opened a lot of opportunities and friendships that I’m truly grateful for. I’m going to miss hosting and producing segments, such as, “Nac Hit The Spot” and “JacKart Karaoke.” But, the most important aspect I will miss is the love from the community that these videos received.

Alongside the creative content, I’ve challenged myself as a Latina journalist. From time to time, I have flashbacks and re-watch our videos at The Pine Log Facebook page. That’s how you know I really enjoy the content we produce. The protest against Nacogdoches Police stands as my favorite video. I remember leaving class early and all my friends telling me I was crazy for filming this video because of the dangers of the protest. In this instant, I knew I truly had a passion for journalism. I didn’t care about the dangers of this event. I cared about filming it and allowing the protesters’ voices to be heard.

The Pine Log was more than a job to me. It inspired me and allowed my passion for journalism to grow.

I aspire to be a lot of things in the media world, whether it’s a reporter or a television personality. I will always remember the experiences I had here. I will miss being surrounded by other coffee addicts who supported my caramel macchiato addiction. The Pine Log has been such a great learning experience that allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and realize qualities that I didn’t see in myself.

I’d like to thank Raquel Torres, our current editor- in-chief, for being a great inspiration and such a good example of a true Latina journalist. You have such a good heart and manage to make it look so easy. I know for sure you will make it big. Your love for journalism gave me that extra push when I needed it. Your presence and dedication is such a light to the newsroom.

For all my videographers, thank you for being such a great team to me. I had a lot of fun memories creating content with you all, whether it was trying new foods or attempting to ghost-hunt. To our adviser, Amy Roquemore, you’re such a great leader to us. Thank you for everything you have done for me. And, thank you to everyone who has shown support; it means the world to me and inspires me every day.

As far as my SFA career, I really can’t believe it’s coming to an end. There’s so many experiences I want to cover in this column, but I know I can’t write that much. I’ve been lucky to share two families, SAA and The Pine Log. From coordinating two SAA events and winning a Live Video News Award at a state journalism competition, I will never forget the memories, and I cherish the people I have met through both places.

I’m not good at goodbyes, so to the other editors and staff: I’ll see you later.

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