Local bar uses unacceptable ‘M-word’

If you’ve met me, you know I am very open to just about anyone and everything. I have a very crude sense of humor, and I love to laugh. There comes a time when some things just aren’t funny.

For one, I do not in any way condone bullying— it’s not cool or okay. I am always one to defend a friend, even if he or she might be in the wrong, because I care so much for people’s feelings. I know everyone’s not like that, and that is okay.

But the sign at FROGS that advertised “midget wrestling” is not okay in any way, shape, form or fashion. I saw it while on the way to visit friends in College Station. As we all saw it, my friends were angry for me, because I am a little person. I wasn’t going to do anything about it, but as the weekend went on, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

To call me a midget puts a label on me that denigrates my individual nature. I am equal to you, and you will not belittle me as a human being.

I have thick skin, but there comes a time when enough is enough. I made a Facebook post about how felt, and I got tons of feedback. I ended up editing the post and tagging FROGS. The next day, I drove by and the sign was changed to “micro wrestling.” I was still skeptical but thankful that my voice was heard.

This past Thursday, I was able to meet with the wrestling team when they arrived in Nacogdoches. It was very refreshing to hear all of their stories about how they grew up the same way I did, with the name-calling and bullying. They were also very surprised that I didn’t have other little people within my own family. They grew up with generations of little people, while I am the only one in my family. My family members are 5-foot- 9 and taller. Actually, my brother is 6-foot-4 and plays varsity basketball, so we are very different.

My first question for them was, “How do you feel about the word ‘midget?’” They instantly had all the same views as me. I told them about my Facebook post, and they were just as upset as I was. The team advertises as “micro wrestlers” but bars, without permission, use the term “midget” to sell more tickets.

They said they have super supportive fans who attend the show for the wrestling, but they also have people who come just to make a joke out of it. Knowing that information, I became more motivated. For as long as I can, I will always educate people on the correct terminology, and I hope other people do, too.

Recently, I saw a Tweet about it, and it triggered me. This word, the R-word and the N-word are not to be used by anyone. It’s not okay, and neither is going to this event “for a laugh” or “to see what it’s all about.” An event like this makes everyday people have less respect for me and not take me seriously. This will allow people to believe that it’s okay to laugh and enjoy the “show.”

In my opinion, I would like to not have events like this. It’s allowing people to discriminate.

This world is hard to live in if you’re not “normal.” Little people struggle so hard to get jobs because people in the workforce think less of us because of our stature. I am just like you, just a couple feet shorter. I think, drive, sleep and work just like you.

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I like the term "pocket-sized". The right of little people supersede those of the conservative small minded.

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