Everyone should register to vote before the Oct. 5 deadline

Have you ever looked at the country around you and thought, “Do I have any say on what goes on here? Can I really change anything?” And, there is. Voting.

Early registration for voting in Texas closes Oct. 5. If you really want to make a difference, and make it fast, the time is now. This election, along with many others, are so important to get as many voters as possible and as soon as possible. Registering early ensures that you will be ready when the time to vote comes. Early voting begins Oct. 13. Be ready for it.

Voting early ensures that your ballot matters. Before states adopted the early registration dates for voting, like the ones we have now, lines at the polls were long and time consuming, discouraging many to place their vote in the first place. Voting early not only ensures you will get to mark your ballot, but your fellow U.S. citizens will get to as well. It can also reduce the burden on those people who run the poles. Within this pandemic, ensuring that all essential workers are taken care of and treated humanely is incredibly important. Voting early can ensure that they won’t have to work incredibly long hours in stressful conditions.

It may seem as though voting early doesn’t really have a real effect on the polls every election. However, according to Project Vote, “2008 election marked a dramatic increase in early in-person voting among African American and Latino voters. And in Florida, where approximately 50% of ballots were cast early in 2012, African American usage of early in-person voting has exceeded white usage in four of the five most recent federal elections. Research suggests that turnout increases are maximized when early voting is combined with Same Day Registration.” Registering early ensures a more diverse vote and more votes in general.

Change this country with your vote this October. Register at www.votetexas.gov.

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