Since the snow started Sunday, people across the state, county and city of Nacogdoches have been facing consequences of varying degrees of severity due to the winter storms. As power and water are slowly being returned to homes, we should all take a moment to assess what we have and what we can do. 

First and foremost, if you are in need of assistance to any extent, don’t be afraid to reach out. People are willing to help when they can, and there are resources available for almost any situation.  

Community groups on Facebook, such as SFA Community and Nacogdoches Talk, are full of people answering questions and offering help. Individuals, groups like the East Texas Jeep Club and various others are offering rides, food and supply delivery and the SFA Food Pantry has put together boxes of food to give away.  

The University has warming stations and bathrooms for people on campus, as well as JackAlert updates, and the city of Nacogdoches is also providing multiple updates daily. 

Secondly, as amenities start to come back, look around and see where you can offer help. Look through Facebook groups, Twitter or even just looking around. If someone is asking for help, try and help them.  

Safety is still important for everyone, but we should remember our worst conditions before turning someone away. No act of kindness is too small. Offering a ride, grocery delivery or even a place to charge devices and get warm are small gestures that go a long way.  

You don’t need to singlehandedly save the day, but everyone should try to lend a hand. 

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