As of now, Facebook Campus, a new side of Facebook geared toward college students, is only available to 30 schools nationwide, and SFA is one of them. I have been using Facebook campus since it has been made available for SFA students. It has been steadily growing, and the potential that it brings to the SFA community is there.

 It is free to use and easy to sign up for. All you need to do is enter your name and your SFA email, and you will be allowed in the SFA Campus community. Facebook Campus allows college students to connect to each other by forming groups and linking people with common interest together in a closed group. It also acts as a classified page with students posting items for sale, such as textbooks and even posting job listings.

The feel of Campus is like any other Facebook group except it is exclusive to students. In the early days of Campus, students mainly exchanged contact information to other students to try and make new friends. More than a month later, it has grown past that and into an intimate community of SFA students requesting advice on choosing a class or even asking for help on homework. This intimacy allows SFA students to interact with each other when the pandemic makes it exceedingly difficult to go out and make friends.

What makes Campus so great is that it is restricted to SFA students only. This enables students to talk about SFA events and functions, without outside interference. Campus reminds me of Twitter, but it is much more focused on school and school life. Removing all the outside clutter helps Campus be a great tool to new and returning students alike. I hope more students use Campus as it grows bigger and becomes more useful for students. It is a great tool and should be utilized by anyone who is looking for advice, trying to sell something or make new friends and connections.

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