Love not meant to be celebrated just once a year

It’s that time of year again. The holiday that every person has a love-hate relationship with, depending if you’re single or not. Every Walmart is filled with assortments of reds and pinks, different heart-shaped chocolate boxes in every size imaginable, roses and the largest stuffed animals you can find. The list could go on.

All to try and prove to that you love them. But, why just Feb. 14? Why do we not make the same efforts on a random Tuesday? Valentine’s Day isn’t an excuse to show your love. You should show affection daily.

I’m not just talking about gifts for your significant other, but for anyone of significance in your life like your best friend, roommate, parents or anyone. We should show the ones we love daily how much they mean to us. Make constant gestures, big or small, to express our endless love and appreciation toward them. A holiday made to show someone you love them is overrated in my opinion. You should want to show that special person in your life that they mean the world to you every day.

It’s not about the expensive chocolates or the bouquet of flowers. It’s about your time together, being content in each other’s presence. You don’t have to spend big bucks on exotic gifts to keep your significant other happy. It should be about the little things in life. Your love for someone isn’t measured out by how much you shower them in gifts, but it’s about how you treat them, value and love them with everything you have. So, to all of my people who are in a relationship, currently stressing about whether the gifts you’re getting for your significant other are good enough, they are. And to the people who are single this Valentine’s Day, you’re still loved.

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