EDITORIAL: Coronavirus hits home away from home

Students recently learned from a mass email sent from the University, that spring break for students will be extended through March 17. Beginning Wednesday, March 18, all classes will resume in an online-only or other distance-education format until April 6. 

Earlier today, SFA also announced students are able to stay on campus and facilities such as the Baker Pattillo Student Center and the library will be open as SFA is our "home away from home." 

SFA is one of the many universities following suit across the United States and other events are being cancelled to keep the public safe and out of range from possibly contracting the virus. Just in the past month, cities have taken precautions to lessen the possibility of the virus spreading. 

We on the editorial board support the campus’ decision to keep students home until April 6, not only because it will keep the students safe but also faculty and staff. 

It would be another story if the University decided to cancel classes until April, which would have not only shortened summer break but also mess with graduation schedules. The only issues are, people might not have access to the internet at home, students who live in Nacogdoches and have on-campus jobs so far are not able to get paid and athletes in the spring season can’t play their scheduled games. Hopefully over the next three weeks, all questions will be answered, as this is a learn-as-we-go situation. 

The one thing we students should keep in consideration is that we can’t be giving the University a hard time. We need to understand that they also are worried how things will work out. For now, we as students at SFA need to be cautious, stay healthy and to keep an eye on any updates.

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