Get involved at SFA

Meaghan Morton

Almost every time I talk to an incoming Lumberjack, I hear the same six words jump out of my mouth: “We have a club for that.”

There are over 250 clubs on campus, including Greek life, and my friends and I were lucky enough to be a part of many of them and call at least one of them “home.”

You may not know it yet, but when you get to campus, you will be searching for a home that is filled with people similar to you and people you can share your stories and life with.
The Pine Log was my home. I spent the majority of my time in the office. We had parties, late-night talks and late-night projects. It made my two years at SFA memorable. My newspaper friends were involved in other activities, as well.

One was a leader in Hunger Jacks, the on-campus food pantry. Another was involved with the Horticulture Club (one of my favorite clubs that I am not involved with...I’ve bought too many of their plants.) One of my friends was involved with the Advertising Club, and one of the photographers was with the Anime Club. We also had several who were active in one of the largest organizations on campus, Student Activities Association.

It’s interesting to think that while we were all on The Pine Log, we also had other affiliations that pertained particularly to us and our interests.

But, do you know what I noticed most about these people who were in these clubs? It was a few things actually: The number of people they knew, the amount of time they spent on campus and how successful they were academically.

Several times while in The Pine Log office, I met new people when co-workers brought friends in to visit. These people, even though most of my friends lived off campus, would stay in the Baker Pattillo Student Center until ungodly hours of the night, listening to the latest Billie Eilish album or watching “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and making fun of one of our friends for being scared of claymation.

As for doing well in class, if you don’t know, being a mass communication major is very hands-on. There are several times throughout a semester when we have to take photos of, video and interview people, and if you are in a club or organization, you have an almost endless supply of people you can volunteer (or voluntell) to do these projects.

I was told once that it’s good to be in at least two clubs or organizations, one that pertains to your major and one that’s just for fun. For me, that was The Pine Log and The Purple Haze Association.

I’m not saying go and join 15 different clubs. There’s no reason to overwhelm yourself, but one of the things you might see on signs around here is that your most important project in college is you.

In that case, this is the time to figure out what you truly love and what you want to do. Don’t miss out on everything by staying in your dorm all of the time and going home every weekend. I used to be that student. Get involved, and sign up for some amazing experiences that can change your life.

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