REVIEW: Food truck parks in locals’ hearts

Say Cheese, a food truck that specializes in gourmet grilled cheese, has recently come to Nacogdoches.

Owner Chris Bostik got the idea for Say Cheese in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, while he was attending ministry school at Church of the Highlands. He then decided to start a church in Tyler with some of his friends and opened the food truck there. Bostik said he chose grilled cheese for the menu because he thought it was unique.

“The only reason why we picked grilled cheese was because no one else was doing it,” Bostik said. “Within doing ministry with Church of the Highlands and then feeling called to Tyler, Texas, I wanted to create a space where people could connect, something that’s not fast food but not sit-down either.”

One of the main reasons Bostik decided to make the business a food truck is because he felt that it opened up chances for people to communicate with those around them and meet others. By doing this, he said he hopes to create a sense of community.

“This space creates an environment to where multiple people are standing in line. It’s not fast like fast food so you’re going to have to wait, and it almost forces people to communicate,” Bostik said. “That’s really what I wanted to do.”

Tyler was the first Texas location for Say Cheese. After it grew in popularity, a second truck was made for Tyler, but having two in the same location proved to be difficult. Therefore, the new truck was moved to Nacogdoches.

As for future plans, Bostik is pretty happy with the business as it is right now. He said he wants Say Cheese to remain a food truck rather than turn it into a sit-down restaurant.

“A lot of people who own food trucks, their mission is to get into a store, like a storefront, and as tempting as that is because the moving around is hard; finding people to drive, finding people to run the truck, you know, it’s hard, but I want to stay a food truck,” Bostik said.

“My goal in the beginning of all of this was to bring business people and the community together in order to make some changes for the good.”

As for Say Cheese’s menu, Bostik described it as “fusion grilled cheese.” He said a lot of the items they serve are sandwiches based on various foods he remembers eating during his childhood.

The menu ranges from a “Plain Jane” grilled cheese with cheddar cheese to sandwiches with macaroni and cheese, breakfast foods, brisket and even spaghetti. The sandwiches are made with pre-toasted Texas toast, and butter is supplemented by olive oil.

One menu item that Bostik mentioned being especially popular is the Lone Star, a shredded chicken, bacon and ranch grilled cheese with pepper jack. He mentioned it typically being one of the

first sandwiches to sell out. In fact, it was sold out when I visited.

The sandwich I ended up ordering is called the Hash. It’s contains hash browns, a scrambled egg, ham, cheddar and provolone cheese.

Overall, I really enjoyed the sandwich. As Bostik said, the bread was warm and toasted just right. It wasn’t soggy or burnt at all.

The rest of the sandwich’s contents were also very good. Although I loved the scrambled egg and ham a lot, I think my favorite part of it was the hash brown.

Lastly, the two cheeses blended quite well together. I loved the use of both cheddar and provolone and felt like it added a lot of flavor to the sandwich. It was also a nice size, not too big and not too little.

If you’re looking for a place to drop by for lunch, I would highly recommend Say Cheese. Not only are the sandwiches wonderful, but the staff is incredibly hardworking, and it’s obvious that a lot of thought and heart was put into everything they serve.

When I visited Say Cheese, it was parked outside the Nacogdoches Public Library. However, the truck frequents other locations in Nacogdoches as well, some including the Red House Winery and Downtown Square.

For more information on the truck’s schedule, location and menu, visit Say Cheese’s Facebook page @saycheesenac or their website,

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