Valentine’s Day. For a lot of people, it’s filled with gifts, love and chocolate. But for the unlucky few, it’s a time of mourning and remembering what they once had.  

If you’re like me, Valentine’s Day used to be fun and something to be excited for. But after certain depressing events in 2020, it’s only a reminder of something that we lost. But, we can’t let this overtake us and control our holiday.  

It’s important to remember something – we need to have fun. Instead of sitting around moping about being alone, try one of these celebratory suggestions or just hanging out with friends. While I’ll be spending the day doing homework and playing Animal Crossing, I refuse to let myself be sad. I have even made myself excited by buying my friends gifts.  

2020 took so much from us, and we can’t bring that mindset into this new year. Let this Valentine’s Day be a guidance for the rest of 2021’s holidays. Have fun, even if you don’t like Valentine’s Day on a normal year.  

If 2020 taught us anything it’s that we can’t take time for granted.  

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