EDITORIAL: Budget cuts shouldn’t trump school spirit

Recently at SFA, it seems like every topic of conversation is centered around budget issues. Everyone is talking about it, from faculty to staff to the students, and it has become difficult to get away from. We, the editorial staff, can see the negative impact of this conversation on the mentality of our community, and it seems like it’s weighing everyone down. We just want it to stop. 

We have come to understand that the constant restatement of SFA's structural deficit, the endless cycle of discussion and the attention being drawn to it are necessary for change to occur. This is not one of those things that will be swept under the rug; change will need to happen before we move on.  

But even though this crucial issue is something the SFA community needs to keep on its radar, we don't feel like the community, especially the student body, needs to be hyperfixated on the issue to the point where it is impacting the social atmosphere on campus. 

The negative climate is real. As the editorial staff agreed, walking around campus can feel draining because of all the uncertainty and fear of the unknown. We want to remind you, as we’ve had to remind ourselves, that SFA is not just the Board of Regents and higher administration. It’s the professor who lets students retake an exam because last week was rough. It’s the departments that hold convocations for students to attend and build relationships. It’s the student organizations and caucuses that give students refuge and a place to embrace their individuality.  

Whenever you go to class and hear your professor concerned about departmental cuts, don’t block them out. Whenever you hear certain campus events were not as amazing as they used to be due to budget cuts, don’t just ignore it. Take those concerns, make a mental note and know that the more you care, the quicker the change. But you do not need to give up your school spirit, warmth and happiness to care for an issue that will take time to address. Let’s get campus back the cheerful and positive space it once was. 

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