Senior thankful for experience, plans on attending graduate school

I first joined The Pine Log as a contributing writer in the spring semester of 2018. Ever since then, I’ve been impressed with the work environment in terms of how things are run and organized as well as the people I’ve met.

Throughout the year and a half that I’ve been here, I’ve managed to go from contributing writer to staff writer and finally, to news editor. The process of building my way up has caused me to acquire certain skills, especially with editing.

I originally never thought I’d wind up being an editor, if I’m being honest. Luckily, when I was applying for my last semester with the Pine Log, I took up the position of news editor, and it has been an honor to be able to uphold such a title.

I’ve enjoyed working on this paper as both a writer and editor over the years. It’s given me many opportunities that I wouldn’t have otherwise, and I will always be thankful for that.

Before I became an editor for The Pine Log, I didn’t have a lot of skill with InDesign. I wasn’t completely clueless but having this opportunity has definitely allowed me to learn a lot more about the program than I previously did. Now, I’m pretty confident about what I create on it.

Of course, I also feel like I’ve been able to improve my writing skills greatly throughout my time here. I’ve had many wonderful opportunities to cover some very interesting events and meet some amazing people.

As far as real-life experiences go, I feel that The Pine Log has helped to better prepare me for any future journalism jobs I might get. The staff is all so very professional and serious about their jobs. I couldn’t have asked to be a part of a better organized student paper.

I would really like to thank the staff of The Pine Log for helping me through this journey. Tuesday nights with the editors were always such a joy, and I’m very glad to have been a part of such a welcoming community. The friends I’ve made during my time on this paper are all very great ones.

Along with them, I would like to thank my professors for helping to shape me into a better writer. When I first came to SFA, my news writing skills were a lot less impressive than they are now.

I’d also like to thank my parents for all they’ve done to support me both emotionally and financially throughout my time at SFA. This includes boosting my confidence enough to let me apply for The Pine Log in the first place.

After graduation, I have plans to continue attending SFA as a graduate student in the English field with a concentration in creative writing. As I close this chapter of my life and enter another, I have to say that I will never forget the supportive friends I’ve met as both a writer and editor for The Pine Log, as well as the wonderful experience being a part of the staff has given me. Thank you all so much, and I wish you the best.

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