Editor expresses love of sports through publication

It all began, as most things do in life, by taking a chance. In my first year in college, I was a music major struggling to find enjoyment and a passion that I thought I had in the years before. I would sit in a practice room with a blank stare, telling myself I would “practice in five minutes.” Five minutes turned into 10, 10 turned to 15 and so on.

Then one day as I was sitting in the practice room, I clicked on a link. The link took me to a happy place. The link took me to a sports story. As I read the story, relief washed over me. Eventually, I would read a sports story every day before practice. I was a frequent reader of ESPN, Sports Illustrated and, of course, The Pine Log.

Though I found a source of relief, I was still not pleased with my educational situation. As I was reading a soccer blog, a thought filled my mind: “maybe I could do this.” I didn’t know a thing about journalism, and I certainly wasn’t a fan of writing in high school, but I had a passion for sports, and I hoped that was enough. I decided to take a chance.

So, in my second year of college, I changed majors and took my first journalism class. I was scared to death. However, as time went on, I found a passion for journalism that I was so desperate to find the year before. Enough so that I took another chance and applied for The Pine Log.

And here we are, closing out my second year with The Pine Log and first year as the sports editor. As I close out my tenure with The Pine Log and turn my attention to graduation and other future endeavors, a few words come to mind to leave with you all. But I’m going to settle with two basic words: thank you.

Thank you to all who have helped me get this far. To all my friends and family, thanks for pushing me to be the best that I can be, and helping me keep my head up when things get tough. To my friends and colleagues at the Pine Log, thanks for encouraging me and making me want to strive to be better after every article.

Thank you to Amy Roquemore and Rachel Clark for providing ample amounts of resources and encouragement whenever I, or my Pine Log counterparts, needed it. Most importantly, thank you to the faculty, especially Dr. Gary Mayer, for sharing your passion and knowledge for Journalism with me. Thanks to my good friend and mentor John Krueger for taking the time to teach me what it means to be a sports editor, and for giving me opportunities to contribute to the Daily Sentinel.

Thank you to everyone at SFA Athletics for providing me an abundant amount of opportunities to interview players and coaches. Special thanks to Charlie Hurley, Luke Bolanos and Kevin Meyer for always setting up interviews, answering questions and making my experience that much better.

And last but not least, thank you to the readers. Thanks for motivating me and my Pine Log colleagues. We wouldn’t go anywhere if it weren’t for the love and support we get from everyone who takes the time to read our stories. You truly make our dream a reality.

Thank you, and, as always, Axe ’em, Jacks!

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