Doritos, umbrella, planner top list of college survival tips

LaShauna Bell, photo editor

About four years ago, I was in your position, eager yet frightened at the thought of college. I thought I knew all I needed to know after reading over all those neat, purple brochures. Don’t get me wrong, they were helpful, but they left out some tips I wish I had prior to arriving at SFA. These tips will hopefully encourage you to keep your belly happy, your clothes dry and your brain sane.

1. Pack some snacks. One day I found myself sitting in my art appreciation class past noon with a hungry stomach and only one thought on my mind: “I should’ve bought those Doritos.” I was in the C Store that morning grabbing breakfast before my first class. At one point I encountered Nacho Cheese Doritos calling my name.

I ignored those calls not knowing that I’d soon regret it, but I learned my lesson and made sure I had some the next class day and the class day after that. If you know you’re going to be in class most of the day, or if you’re always hungry like me, plan ahead, and pack some snacks.

2. Yes, you should bring your umbrella. If you are one of those people who look out the window first thing in the morning to check the weather, do not let the sun fool you. Way too many times I have underestimated Nacogdoches’ ability to change its weather in a heartbeat, leaving me with a soaked backpack and a heart full of regret.

3. Carry a planner. I always felt my memory was good enough to remember what I needed to do, but that all changed once I came to SFA. Assignments, projects, tests and events are plentiful in college, and writing these things down in an organized fashion will save your sanity and grades.

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