Enter me: 21-year-old female. I love Starbucks, TikTok and listen to pop music 90% of the time. 

Enter a random person. They think they’re better than me because I want to listen to Ariana Grande, and they want to listen to The Rolling Stones. 

Let people enjoy things. Even if you think they’re too old, or if you don’t like the thing. 

That 25-year-old who only listens to Hannah Montana? Leave her alone. That 30-year-old who likes to make Tik Toks? Leave him alone.  

Furthermore, if someone thinks Taylor Swift is better than Queen, who cares? Brian May isn’t going to appear out of nowhere to thank you for degrading that person because they said Love Story is better than Bohemian Rhapsody. 

Listen to whatever type of music you like, go to whatever coffee shop you want, don’t have any type of social media if you’re not about it. But making people feel bad about the things that make them happy, or for having different opinions as you, doesn’t make you cool. 

What can make you cool is acknowledging that other people have different interests and likes than you, but still respecting their opinions and treating them kindly. 

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