Drinking responsibly is rarely discussed but is very important. An average of about 88,000 people die every year due to alcohol. A friend of mine recently had a traumatic experience himself, and I would like to share some tips he gave on safe drinking. On April 13, he was doing what any average college student was doing on a Saturday night—drinking. He was drinking so much that at one point he even passed out from being too drunk. Friends eventually gathered around and made an effort to wake him, but he eventually needed an ambulance. The ambulance got there, and medics were able to pump his stomach. After finishing the life-threatening experience, my friend was very traumatized afterward. I asked him about the experience, and he explained that he felt scared and fearful because he didn’t know where he was when he woke up. When I asked how he felt when he recovered from the incident, he replied: “Life’s different. I move differently. I see things differently, and I’m more appreciative for the things that I do have instead of not having.” When I asked him for any sort of advice he would like to give, he replied: “Know your limit and be more appreciative of everything; life is fragile and can be gone in an instant.” His experience is a lesson that everyone should learn from. He expressed that he is lucky to have made it through that situation and that he doesn’t want anyone to experience what he experienced.

David Thompson is a sophomore education major from Desoto.

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