SFA’s Rugby Club looks to continue winning

The SFA Rugby Club won its match against Southern Methodist University 70-7 on Saturday at the Intramural Fields. They will play Abilene Christian University on Friday in Abilene.

The SFA Lumberjacks Rugby Club beat Southern Methodist University 70-7 during Saturday’s home match. The Jacks were able to maintain their perfect record for 2019-2020 season going 6-0.

For the first half of the game, the Jacks were unstoppable, scoring try after try. A try is the rugby equivalent of a touchdown, worth 5 points. After a try is completed, the team that scored gets to attempt a conversion, which is worth two points.

At the end of the first half, the Jacks were up 21-0. SFA once again dominated SMU in the second half while SMU tried to hold off the onslaught from the Lumberjacks’ offense. SMU holds the lowest record in the league, sitting 0-6 and averaging 15 points per game.

The Jacks sit at the top of the standings. If they win the next two games, they will be going to the playoffs. They are in a comeback from their last season when they won two games, going 2-4.

“We’re feeling great,” said Ian Loper, captain, freshman and psychology major from Austin. “Our toughest game will be this upcoming weekend against ACU. But overall we have a lot of good guys, a lot of fundamentally sound guys.”

The Jacks will be playing against ACU on Friday where they hope to once again come out on top. ACU holds a 5-1 record. The game will be in Abilene and will be the SFA’s last away game for the regular season.

“We’re looking for another win this upcoming weekend,” Loper said. “If we beat them, we’re going to the playoffs. Hopefully, we’ll go pretty deep in the playoffs.”

Sophomore Seth Arizola, accounting major from Arlington, ended the game as the lead scorer with 15 points. Four other Jacks tied for the second highest scorer, including Loper, who all scored 10 points apiece.

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