SFA goes 0-4 after a defeat from the Nicholls Colonels 48-30 on Saturday in the Southland Conference opener.

The Lumberjacks started off quick in the game with a touchdown in the first 12 minutes. Sophomore quarterback Trae Self rushed 21 yards into the end zone from a 7-play 84-yard drive. Four minutes later, Nicholls responded as sophomore running back Julien Gums scored to tie to game from a 7-play 77-yard drive.

Senior quarterback Chase Forcade completes six out of seven passes for 55 yards in the first quarter. Forcade finished off the game with 12 complete passes out of 16 attempted and one intercepted for 145 yards.

In the second quarter, Nicholls continued its drive from the first quarter for another touchdown from senior wide receiver Stefa Guarisco who caught a 14-yard pass from Forcade. SFA’s next drive goes for 9 plays and 71 yards for 3:12, and Self is unable to complete a pass in the end zone. Senior kicker Storm Ruiz makes a field goal on the fourth down from the 21-yard line to make the score 14-10.

The Colonels went for three plays and 10 yards in their next drive before SFA’s freshman cornerback Willie Roberts intercepted Forcade’s pass at the Nicholls 39-yard line with a 0-yard return. The Jacks go for a 6-play 34-yard drive and Ruiz makes another field goal on the fourth down at the 22-yard line while the Colonels continue to lead 14-13.

Scoring continues in the second quarter, Nicholls comes back in a 7-play 75-yard drive for 1:59. Junior running back Jeremy Rounds rushes for four yards for a touchdown.

In the kickoff from Nicholls’ freshman kicker Gavin Lasseigne, SFA's junior wide receiver Remi Simmons returns the ball for 33 yards to the 42-yard line. The Jacks score making the score 21-20 off a complete pass from Self to freshman wide receiver Xavier Gipson for 47 yards. The drive lasted for two plays and 58-yards for 24 seconds.

Gums scored again for the Colonels who rushed for nine yards into the end zone from a 9-play 75-yard drive. The Colonels continued to lead in the game 28-20. The ‘Jacks finished the half from a 7-play 23-yard drive for 55 seconds. Ruiz made another field goal at the 35-yard line to make the score 28-23.

The Jacks became scoreless in the third quarter as the only touchdown came from Nicholls’ Forcade who rushed for 19 yards from a 7-play 75-yard drive. Nicholls led by 12 to begin the fourth quarter 35-23.

SFA got the first touchdown of the fourth quarter from a 3-play 56-yard drive for 1:04. Self completed a 45-yard pass to sophomore wide receiver Calvin Clater to give SFA a first down at the Nicholls 10-yard line. Junior tight end Allen Arclies catches a 10-yard pass from Self to make the score 35-30 with 9:48 remaining in the game.

Forcade scores for the Colonels with 3:29 remaining rushing for six yards from a 6-play 57-yard drive. Gums scores his third touchdown of the night rushing for four yards from a 3-play 22-yard drive to finish scoring from either team.

The Colonels finish with a 2-1 record as Gums led the offense in rushing yards with 135.

Self had a total of 345 passing yards from 24 out of 43 complete passes and one interception.

The Lumberjacks head to Beaumont to face Lamar University at 6 p.m. on Saturday.

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