The Ladyjacks basketball team defeated the Sam Houston State Bearkats 64-50 to finish Southland Conference regular season play and will compete at the conference tournament Wednesday.

            The Ladyjacks finish the season with a 23-6 overall record, a 16-4 conference record and a .793 winning percentage.

            With a difficult start, the Ladyjacks were able to extend their lead in the second quarter after freshman guard Zya Nugent had eight points coming off the bench. From then on, SFA maintained the lead for the remainder of the game. In the first quarter, the Ladyjacks had the first few shots of the game before the Bearkats tied things up. 

            In the fourth quarter, Sam Houston attempted to catch up with a 10-0 run. The Bearkats had a 45.5 field-goal percentage in the last quarter but were not able to close up the Ladyjacks’ large lead.

            Players from both teams were in foul trouble by the end of the first half. Sam Houston’s Faith Cook, Jaylonn Walker and Kiera McKinney fouled out of the game. Senior forward/center Aiyana Johnson and sophomore guard BriAnna Mitchell finished the game with four fouls each.

            Johnson was the lead scorer of the game and for the Ladyjacks with 18 points. She also contributed with 12 rebounds, three assists, three steals and seven blocks.

            The Ladyjacks struggled throughout the entire game to make their shots as they held a 16.7 field-goal percentage in the first quarter and a 10.0 field-goal percentage in the fourth. They had a game field-goal percentage of 34.0, a 38.9 three-point percentage and a 75.0 free throw percentage. The team had a total of 41 rebounds, 15 assists, 11 steals and nine blocks. 

            The Bearkats finished the game with a 32.7 field-goal percentage, a 30.8 three-point percentage and a 48.0 free throw percentage. The team finished with a total of 40 rebounds, 10 assists, and seven steals.

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