The Lumberjack football team split in two teams tface off against each other in the 2021 Spring Game last Saturday. 

Within minutes of the game starting, the white team scored a touchdown and the stadium erupted with cheers. After the white team secured their extra point attempt, the purple team followed with a touchdown and extra point. The first quarter ended with both teams tied 7-7 and anticipation could be seen on every fan’s face. 

The second quarter started off with an incomplete pass, and then junior wide receiver Jeremiah Miller caught what everyone thought would be another incomplete pass from the other side of the field. Just as fans had settled down from the excitement of the catch, the white team scored yet another touchdown and completed their extra point with no issues. As the clock neared half-time, both teams fought hard to score. The white team was allowed to score a field goal, making the halftime score 7-17.  

The third quarter came with the white team’s third and fourth touchdowns, and at this point fans were going wild. It seemed the white team was going to blow the purple team out of the stadium, but when the fourth quarter started, the purple team came back, scoring two back-to-back touchdowns before scoring the final touchdown of the game. 

The game ended 28-31 and was topped off by a firework show and autographs from the players. 

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