The SFA Lumberjack football program put the finishing touches on its 2020 signing class as they closed out National Signing Day by adding 13 athletes.

The Jacks were the No. 5 signing class in the FCS and for the second consecutive year pulled in the top class in the Southland Conference.

“I’m really excited to have it done,” said Lumberjacks head coach Colby Carthel. “I think we rung the bell. I appreciate the hard work that goes into a class like this from not only our coaches, but our wives and families. It requires a lot of time on the road, but I really appreciate the young men that signed on with us. We’ve got a special group.”

SFA signed 20 athletes from Texas and seven from out of state with players from Georgia, South Carolina, Arizona, Louisiana, Nevada and Florida. In addition, six signees are transfers from other colleges and universities.

Carthel said the team addressed a real need up front by signing eight offensive linemen and five defensive linemen. He also said players will also compete with the SFA Track & Field team.

With a full recruiting cycle under his belt, Carthel said that it was huge to be able to have more time to find the players they want.

“It gives you more of an opportunity to really get to know the kids,” he said. “The time that we had—a full year —to really cast a bigger net and find those guys that fit what we want to do that want to be what we’re about.”

Carthel said that about three quarters of the class were hosted in SFA football summer camps throughout the state and the camps allowed the staff to work with the players.

“You’re able to work with them, coach them, find out if you want to coach them and find out if they want to be coached by you,” he said. “And really get to know them as a person because you want to find guys that understand what you’re about, so they’ll stick it out.”

According to Carthel, the average GPA of the class is 3.21 and that many of them scored high on the SAT and ACT. 

Carthel said the one characteristic all the signees shared was the same belief.

“They’re here for the right reason. They believe in what we’re doing as a coaching staff and as a program and they see what SFA is all about,” he said.

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