Nacogdoches has welcomed many new businesses in the last couple of months with many more in the works. Our small, college town has gotten everything from a unique twist on popcorn to our fifth coffee shop. This new flux of businesses has opened doors for many exciting opportunities, and it’s a change we should all embrace. 

There are so many new places for the most part, food-related – across town you can make trying everything a whole day event. This gives people an opportunity to try their products and see if they are worth giving your business to. The beauty of being in a small town is everything is fairly priced, so you won’t break the bank to try everything. These businesses provide unique products that make you excited to spend your money. 

These businesses also pave the way for more people to visit our town. If people from neighboring cities catch wind of how successful these businesses are and decide tcome visit, they will increase revenue and create a new brand of audienceYoube surprised how far people drive for good products, and when they come, they have no choice but to spend some time in the city to make up for the fact that they drove hours for a cup of coffee. This will help Nacogdoches become a bigger city because it can learn to cater to these people and potentially convince them to move here. New businesses create opportunities for growth in our city. 

New businesses open jobs, especially for students. SFA students sometimes struggle to find a job because of how little people are hiring or how full some of the current businesses’ staff already is. With inflation and other socioeconomic issues,it’s almost impossible not to work, and when you struggle to find a job, that can be detrimental. These new businesses will create opportunities for students to make money and gain stability in this environment. 

Many might resist the change. They might say all these new businesses ruin our small-town charm. However, that small town charm isn’t going anywhere. We are nowhere near the size of Houston or Dallas, so don’t resist the change – embrace it because new businesses are adding to our town not taking away from it. There are many opportunities coming from a handful of new businesses, and we are excited to see these changes come about. 

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